About the Today &
Tomorrow Channel

The Today & Tomorrow Channel allows you to view your daily fortune based on the relationship between the positions of heavenly bodies on your date of birth and a given day of the year. You can also view hints on lucky colours, foods, activities and more every day.

To use this Channel, you must first register a Mii™ character (see “4. Registering a Mii”). This Mii will represent you in the Channel when you use the various features available.


Please use your own judgement and common sense to decide whether or not to follow any advice you receive in the Today & Tomorrow Channel. Nintendo accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damages or losses incurred as a result of using this Channel.


Note: The fortunes displayed in the Today & Tomorrow Channel differ depending on the latitude and longitude of the country you live in, as determined by your Wii™ console’s country setting. For information on how to set your country of residence, refer to the Wii Settings & Data Management section of the Wii Operations Manual – Channels & Settings.