Fun Hints

This feature gives you hints on what would be a lucky activity to do for fun today or tomorrow. Maybe you’ll discover a new hobby or a way to have a great time with your friends!

Note: Fun hints can be displayed for a single Mii or for up to 6 Mii characters together.

  1. Select the Fun Icon

    Select from the Main Screen (see “5. Viewing the Main Screen”).

  1. Choose Mii Character(s)

    Drag the Mii character or characters for whom you want to get fun hints into the area. To drag a Mii, point at it and press and hold and together. Drag Mii characters out of the area and back onto the lucky wheel to remove them. Select OK to confirm once you’re happy with the combination of Mii characters.

Note: You can also drag a Mii directly onto the icon on the Main Screen to start adding Mii characters whose fun hints you want to check.

  1. Show Lucky Fun Hints

    Once you select OK on the previous screen, a short animation sequence will be shown, after which three lucky fun hints will be displayed.

    Note: You can skip the animation and proceed directly to the hints by selecting the icon.

When you have read the hints, select FUN! to return to the Main Screen.