Please go here for Mii Character downloading, and please remember to rename Miis made with this tool to have a .mii extension instead of .mae if sharing. We tested uploading Miis made with this tool to MiiCharacters, but it automatically detects if you've made Miis with tools such as this one. Please use a 3DS, Wii, or Wii U to create the Mii on if you want to share the Miis.
Also, if installing these to a Wii using SaveGame Manager GX, rename the Mii extension to .miigx.
If you want to put these on a 3DS, use the instructions above, but go into the Mii Channel, and open up the "Connect to DS option." If that isn't shown on the menu, press the A, B, and 1 Buttons, then hold the 2 Button... Go to the Mii Channel on the 3DS and connect to the Wii.

NOTE: The avatar link below the editor works but all you have to do replace the "" link with ""!

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