Convert BRFNT to BRFNA and Vice Versa

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This is a tutorial on how to convert Wii fonts from BRFNT to BRFNA format, and vice versa.

You Will Need:


  1. Open the Official Nintendo SDKs 2010.7z file and go to Wii > Tools, then unpack Install NintendoWare.exe to your computer at C:\NintendoWare. Wait until it completes.
    1. Note: You might need to put this in a directory with no spaces in it. It's weird but that's how it is.
  2. Go to C:\ > NintendoWare > Revolution > fontcvtr and open up nw4r_fontcvtr.exe. You should see a window telling you something about font licensing... Just click I Agree.
  3. You should now see a screen pop up like this. Set it up as you want it, just switch to the tabs saying brfnt / brfna. Obviously you need to click Convert to make your BRFNT or BRFNA.
    1. Note: If in doubt as to how you're supposed to set this up from here, you can download and unpack BRFNTify Next. Unfortunately it only supports BRFNTs and not BRFNAs. When you open your font up with the tool, you should find most of the information you need to fill in.
    2. Warning: Please be careful when doing this. If you're doing this for a Wii Game (WiiWare game editing is only safe when using Neek2o or Dolphin Emulator) for your project or just for fun, you should be fine when using methods such as Riivolution. If it doesn't work, you should see a black screen and your Wii U or Wii is fine. Just restart it and all will be OK.
  4. When you got it in your game, congratulations. You can now convert as many Wii Fonts as you want. Thanks for reading! ~Larsenv