Convert THPs to MP4s to Watch on Your Computer

Our Wii Content Corner

This is a mini tutorial on how to convert Wii THP Movie Files to MP4s (or any other movie format you want) to watch on your computer or whatever you want to do. This probably doesn't need to be in tutorial form since it's so easy, but I wanted to make a mini tutorial for this.

You Will Need:


  1. Open HandBrake.
  2. Click on Source, and select your Wii THP Movie File you want to convert into a MP4 or whatever you would like. You can also select a folder with all of the THPs you want to convert and it will add all of them to the source.
    1. Note: If adding a folder of THPs to convert, you need to go into File > Add All Titles to Queue > Yes, I want to add all titles to the queue. before doing the next step.
    2. Note 2: When you added a THP to HandBrake, it will show that the duration of all of the THPs as 00h00m00s. Don't freak out, this is normal and it still will work fine.
  3. Click on Start, and wait for all of your THPs to convert.
  4. When you got them converted, congratulations. You can now convert as many Wii Fonts as you want. Thanks for reading! ~Larsenv