Registering a Mii

The first time you start the Today & Tomorrow Channel, you will be asked to choose a Mii to represent yourself and enter your date of birth. Your date of birth determines the fortunes and lucky advice you receive, so please make sure you enter it correctly.

If you start the Channel without having any Mii characters registered, you will be asked whether you would like to register a Mii. Select YES to display the Mii Registration Screen. If you have already registered one or more Mii characters, your total luck for the day will be displayed when you start the Channel (see “6. Daily Fortunes”).

  • What is a Mii?

A Mii is a character you create in the Mii Channel by choosing and arranging different facial features, hairstyles and so on. Mii characters can be used in software titles that support them as a representation of you in the game or Channel. For information on how to create a Mii, please refer to the Mii Channel section of the Wii Operations Manual – Channels & Settings.

  • Choosing a Mii to Register

Up to 6 Mii characters from your Mii Channel can be registered in the Today & Tomorrow Channel. Select a Mii by pointing at it and pressing to zoom in on the Mii. Use to switch to other available Mii characters, and when you have decided on the Mii to use, select YES.

  • Setting the Date of Birth

Once you have selected a Mii, you must enter the date of birth of the person it represents.

If you have already set a birthday in the Mii Channel for the selected Mii, you will need to confirm the day and month (or modify them if necessary) and then enter the year of birth. Point at digits and press to enter the year, or begin to enter digits and select CONFIRM when the year is correct. If you make a mistake, select BACK.

Note: Setting a different date of birth for Mii characters in the Today & Tomorrow Channel will not change the birthday registered for them in the Mii Channel.

If you have not set a birthday in the Mii Channel, enter the full date of birth before selecting CONFIRM. If you make a mistake, select BACK.

  • Registering Additional Mii Characters and Removing Mii Characters

Please refer to “5. Viewing the Main Screen” for more information.

Note: If you erase a Mii in the Mii Channel, it will also be removed from the Today & Tomorrow Channel.