Viewing the Main Screen

On the Main Screen, Mii characters registered in the Channel are shown standing on the lucky wheel. Each Mii will stand on the section of the wheel corresponding to its star sign.

Select the various icons on the Main Screen to use the corresponding features of the Today & Tomorrow Channel.

  • Main Screen
  • Icons on the Main Screen
Return to Wii Menu
Select this icon to return to the Wii Menu.
Switch between today and tomorrow
Select this icon to switch the day used for fortunes and other features between today and tomorrow.
Register/remove Mii characters
Point at this icon to open a menu that displays the REGISTER Mii and REMOVE Mii icons (see below).
Register Mii
Select this icon to register Mii characters for use in the Today & Tomorrow Channel. For information on how to register a Mii, see “4. Registering a Mii”.
Remove Mii

Select this icon to remove Mii characters from the Today & Tomorrow Channel. Select a Mii by pointing at it and pressing to zoom in on the Mii. Press left and right on to switch to other available Mii characters. When you have decided on the Mii to remove, select YES to remove it. You can also remove a Mii by dragging it onto .

Note: Removing a Mii does not erase it from the Mii Channel. Once removed, a Mii character’s date of birth details will be lost. If you erase a Mii in the Mii Channel, it will also be removed from the Today & Tomorrow Channel.

If you do not press any buttons on the Wii Remote for a short time, the Mii characters on the lucky wheel will run to the front of the screen and have short summaries of their fortunes displayed. The current time will also be displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. To return to the normal Main Screen, press any button on the Wii Remote other than .

Note: The dates used in this Channel for each Zodiac sign are determined through detailed calculations for each year according to Western astrology, and may differ slightly from those found in other horoscopes. Luck is calculated based on the relationship between the positions of heavenly bodies on the user’s date of birth and the current date.

  • Other Icons
Select this icon to return to the previous screen.
Select this icon to skip animations.