Compatibility Rating

This feature allows you to check the compatibility of different Mii characters for the day. Why not check your compatibility before working or heading out together?

Note: You must have at least two Mii characters registered to use this feature. Up to six Mii characters’ compatibility can be checked at once. The compatibility rating changes based on the number and combination of Mii characters.

  1. Select the Compatibility Icon

    Select from the Main Screen (see “5. Viewing the Main Screen”).

  1. Choose Mii Characters to Check

    Drag the Mii characters whose compatibility you want to check into the area. To drag a Mii, point at it and press and hold and together. Drag Mii characters out of the area and back onto the lucky wheel to remove them from the compatibility check. Select OK to confirm once you’re happy with the combination of Mii characters.

Note: You can also drag a Mii directly onto the icon on the Main Screen to start adding Mii characters whose compatibility you want to check.

  1. Performing the Compatibility Check

    Once you select OK on the previous screen, a photo of all the selected Mii characters will be taken. This photo shows how they will all get along for the day. If the current day is not a “great day”, an icon marked VIEW NEXT LUCKY DAY will be displayed. Select this icon to check the next date which will be a “great day” for the selected Mii characters.

    When you are finished, select OK to return to the Main Screen.