Daily Fortunes

The Today & Tomorrow Channel provides fortunes for today and tomorrow as well as a lucky colour every day. If you start the Channel between 00:00 and 16:59, fortunes for today will be displayed. If you start it between 17:00 and 23:59, tomorrow’s fortunes will be displayed. See “5. Viewing the Main Screen” for details on how to switch between today and tomorrow’s fortunes.

Note: The time displayed in this Channel is based on your Wii console’s time settings. For information on how to set the time and date on your console, refer to the Wii Settings & Data Management section of the Wii Operations Manual – Channels & Settings. The date for “today” and “tomorrow” will never change automatically while using the Channel, even if the date changes while playing. To update the date, either select the “Return to Wii Menu” icon, press RESET on the Wii console or turn the power off and then on again, then start the Today & Tomorrow Channel again.

  • Total Luck Presentation

When you start the Today & Tomorrow Channel, the total luck for today or tomorrow for all registered Mii characters will be displayed, and the Mii with the best total luck will be indicated. Select OK to continue to the Main Screen.

  • Viewing Today and Tomorrow’s Fortunes

You can switch between viewing today’s and tomorrow’s fortunes on the Main Screen (see “5. Viewing the Main Screen”). Detailed fortunes are provided for each Mii.

  1. Select a Mii

    On the Main Screen, point at the Mii whose fortune you want to view and press .

  1. Viewing Detailed Fortunes

    Once selected, the Mii character’s total luck for the day will be shown. Select DETAILS to display the Details Screen, where you can view more detailed information.

Detailed fortunes are provided in five different categories, each of which has an overall rating from one to five, depicted as icons.


Select the category you wish to view and a detailed fortune will be displayed. After selecting a category, you can scroll to the other categories by selecting the icons or pressing left or right on .

  1. Viewing Your Lucky Colour

    Hold and together for a few seconds on the Details Screen to view your lucky colour for the day whose fortunes you have been viewing. To check the name of the colour after the Mii character’s clothing changes colour, point at the Mii and press .

    Note: The Mii character’s clothes will change back to normal if you switch between today and tomorrow on the Main Screen (see “5. Viewing the Main Screen”), and also if you close the Channel by returning to the Wii Menu or resetting the Wii console or turning it off and then on again, then start the Channel again. The lucky colour does not affect the colour of the Mii character’s clothes in the Mii Channel.